Here is a short list of the most notable quotes from our past and present customers. Remember, we launched the current version of Zerocrat in May 2018, and most of our clients are still in progress. We would be happy to see your name in this list eventually.

After numerous failed attempts to bring projects to completion and release them to our customers, I have finally found the method to solve my problems. Zerocrat and the XDSD philosophy (especially microtasking) enable us to keep our team focused on what is important instead of chasing down wild geese.

Michael Juliano
SunSoft ERP Consulting
Clearwater, Florida
August 2018

Happy to mention Zerocracy as a reliable and consistent collaborator for our super ambitious startup. Initially somewhat counterintuitive, it was a novelty of guaranteeing predictable execution of sub tasks, that was continuously gauged against timeline and budgetary constraints, all in automated way, proved to be a secret sauce of our satisfaction.

Nicos Kekchidis
CTO and Co-Founder
September 2016

Zerocracy provides the strategic sourcing and subject matter expertise in a teaming environment, customizing their approach to fit the unique needs and culture of their customer rather than trying to force a rigid process onto an organization. The bottom line is that they help get to savings faster.

Andre Buren
CTO & Tech Entrepreneur
October 2016

Please, email us if you want to say some nice words about our work and our platform.