What Is Zerocracy?

Despite all our efforts, most software projects still suffer from:

  • High labor costs;
  • Personnel turnover;
  • Low maintainability;
  • Low quality of code and product.

We believe that most of the above is caused by broken management, not technical incompetence. To solve this, we recommend replacing empowering a human project manager with Zerocrat, a hosted chatbot.

To make a project manageable by a computer we use a strict Policy which derives the following principles from the eXtremely Distributed Software Development methodology:

1) We rely on discipline and control much more than on trust and talent.

2) We pay fixed fees only for deliverables of microtasks, never per hour/month.

3) We don't talk to each other anywhere outside of GitHub tickets.

4) We encourage egoism and laziness.
5) We encourage programmers to work only when they find it profitable.
6) We don't teach programmers and we don't help them.
7) We encourage programmers to find bugs and we pay them for that.

We realize that our approach is very different from all other traditional methods of management. In our experience our way of managing projects gives a lot of benefits to all stakeholders:

  • Programmers are more motivated;
  • Costs are lower;
  • Quality is higher;
  • Maintainability is higher and turnover doesn’t hurt us.

The platform was launched to the market in May 2018. Since then we’ve already managed to deliver what we promise to a number of happy clients, this is what they say about us.

Here is our portfolio, a short list of projects we completed over the last few years using our management platform.

To try it out, submit an RfP and one of our architects will get in touch with you.