FAQ for Newcomers

Before you start, make sure you understand that:

Ready to try? Here is how.

First, you need a mentor, who will invite you.

To find a mentor, fill out this form. Your application will be sent to our most active programmers. Some of them may get interested and will contact you back.

If this doesn’t happen, join our Telegram group and ask there (we recommend you join the group in any case).

If nobody is interested, ask any QA of Zerocracy to help you, to find any just ask in Telegram group.

Next, when you are invited, identify yourself. You will have to do it online through a mobile app. If that method doesn’t work, email us your ID.

Now, talk to our Telegram bot: @zerocrat_bot.

Ask him to change your hourly rate.

Then, if you are totally new to Zerocracy, apply to one of our sandbox projects. Your application will be reviewed and you will get a DEV (developer) role in a few hours (up to 24). Then, Zerocrat will start assigning you tasks, according to his own algorithm.

If you already know the project, which you want to join, ask its architect to assign DEV role to you. You may also ask the architect to give you a few tasks to start with.

Now, a few hints before you start working:

  • Your first tasks will most likely need more time than the 30-minutes budget they will have. Remember, that you are not supposed to always complete them all entirely. You may (and should!) leave some parts of them incomplete; just add TO-DO markers, which we call puzzles.

  • You will have problems in completing your first tasks, because the project is new and you don’t know how things are designed there. Don’t try to learn them! Don’t waste a minute of your time for studying the code. Instead, submit new tickets, asking the project to document things for you and resolve all your concerns. You will be paid for those tickets.

  • Forget about chats, meetings, and phone calls. We never discuss any technical questions outside of GitHub tickets. Never! If you have a question about your task, post a message to the ticket. If you have a question about the code base and its design, submit new tickets.

If you have any non-technical questions, ask your mentor.

Study our Policy, it explains everything you need to know about Zerocracy.

Good luck!