SMM Strategy

Zerocracy is a software platform that unites programmers and project sponsors, increasing the quality of project management through its unique and revolutionary principles of work and software tools, including Zerocrat, the AI-powered chatbot.

The biggest challenge for Zerocracy is to break the status quo and convince everybody, including engineers and project sponsors, that programmers, testers, architects, and designers must be paid for the results they deliver, not for the time they spend. In order to accomplish this ambitious goal Zerocracy builds a community of like-minded individuals who are ready to share the same vision.

Social media is one of the most important channels of communication with the community—its existing and potential members. Here is a set of rules and principles we adhere to in the area of social media marketing.

We are present in these social networks (only them):

We announce the following information there:

  1. Project management hints
  2. Our business metrics
  3. Our vacancies
  4. Our new projects
  5. News about the AI/RPA market
  6. Interviews with our developers and customers
  7. Status updates from our CEO
  8. Quotes from our publications

We publish exactly twice per day, including weekends.

There are also two Telegram chats, which we support: @zerocracy and @zold_io.

Here is how we post:

  1. Find the right link.
  2. Prepare a long text of 2-4 paragraphs.
  3. Prepare a short text of approx. 50 words.
  4. Pick 2-3 relevant hashtags.
  5. Post a short text to LinkedIn and Twitter with a following link.
  6. Post a long text to Faceboook, post a link in the first message.
  7. Make a picture and post it with a long text (no link) to Instagram.