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takes logo
Java, XML, XSLT, Velocity ?
7 2015/Feb

True Object-Oriented and Immutable Java Web Development Framework, a replacement of outdated SpringMVC and Play, read this blog post: Java Web App Architecture In Takes Framework

cactoos logo
Java, OOP ?
15 2017/May

Object-Oriented library of Java primitives, an alternative to Google Guava and Apache Commons, making code more elegant and cleaer, according to the principles of Elegant Objects.

rultor logo
Java, Docker, DynamoDB, Bash, Git, Github API, Maven, CasperJS, SASS, PostgreSQL 12.7K
12 2013/Jun 18

Coding team assistant, automating merge, release, and deploy operations. It exploits Docker containers for builds isolation. Read some articles about it: Every Build in Its Own Docker Container, Rultor + Travis and Rultor, a Merging Bot

zold logo
Ruby, Sinatra, XML, Cryptocurrency ?
8 2018/Jan

An experimental cryptocurrency for fast micro payments, based on the proof-of-work principle, but without the Blockchain. More information about it at the White Paper. There is also a blog, where regularly posts new articles. logo
Java, MySQL, Heroku, Elastic Beanstalk, S3, DynamoDB, SimpleDB, Github API, Maven plugins, HTTP, JUnit, Hamcrest 97.2K
27 2012/Apr

Useful Java components, including AOP aspects, DynamoDB SDK, MySQL Maven Plugin, etc. Check these articles about the most interesting jcabi components: Fluent Java Http Client, Object-Oriented Github API, MySQL Maven Plugin, and Object-Oriented DynamoDB API.

tacit logo
8 2015/Apr

CSS framework without a single “class,” especially for those who don’t understand anything in graphic design, but want their websites to look attractive, announced in this blog post. logo
Java, DynamoDB, Maven, JUnit, CasperJS, Bootstrap, SASS 8.7K
3 2014/May 6

Stateful RESTful web privitives with XML/JSON API. We are actively using this web tool in every application that works with DynamoDB. Atomic Counters at article explain the details.

s3auth logo
Java, DynamoDB, S3, EC2, H2 Database, Maven, JUnit, Mockito, XML/XSLT, HTML5, CSS 12.3K
3 2012/Aug 35 is a gateway to private AWS S3 buckets that provides Basic HTTP authentication. At the moment, hosts over 300 domains and sends through more than 10Mb of data each hour. This blog post explains its business case with more details.

netbout logo
Java, DynamoDB, H2 Database, Maven, JUnit, Mockito, XML/XSLT, HTML5, CSS, jQuery 13.9K
8 2010/Apr 57

Secure online environment for private long-term business communications. Originally developed in PHP, then migrated to Java, then re-factored and simplified. At the moment, it is actively used in our internal communications.

qulice logo
Java, Maven plugins, Checkstyle, PMD, FindBugs, JUnit, Mockito 10.9K
7 2011/Aug 90

Static quality analysis toolkit for Java/Maven projects

requs logo
Java, XSTL, ANTLR4, Maven plugins, JUnit, Mockito, jQuery 12.2K
6 2010/Mar 24

Controlled Natural Language (CNL) and Java library for formalization of requirements specification. Incremental Requirements With Requs article explains what is it for and how we’re using this tool in our projects.

xembly logo
Java, XML, DOM 5.5K
3 2013/Jul 10

XML manipulation language with Java implementation. Its purpose is explain in Xembly, an Assembly for XML article. We actively use this library in almost every project.

pdd gem logo
Ruby, Cucumber, Minitest, Rubocop 1.5K
1 2014/Aug 2

Puzzle Driven Development automation tool that parses source code files, finds TODO markers and builds an XML report. PDD and this tool are explained here.

phprack logo
PHP, PHPCS, PHPMD, xdebug, AJAX, jQuery 9.1K
9 2010/Jan 20

Integration testing framework that allows on-production monitoring of a running script application

1 LoC stands for "Lines of Code", excluding empty lines and comments, calculated using cloc. 2 Team includes only active contributors to the source code and doesn't include testers, active users, and documentation writers. 3 Even though all projects are actively exploited by its users, some of them are not in active development any more; lifetime means the total calendar time of active development by the project team, in weeks; if there is no number, the project is still in development. 4 HoC stands for "Hits of Code", calculated by hoc, as explained in Hits-of-Code Instead of SLoC