Tech Audits

No matter how much you trust your programmers and how motivated they are, you have to review their results regularly, identify most critical technical gaps, and implement corrective and preventive actions. Savvy businesses invite external experts to perform independent reviews. Zerocracy can provide such an expert, who will audit everything your technical team is working with, and report back to you with a short few-pages-long PDF summary.

There are three types of the audit:

  • Quick: 8 hours
  • Standard: 16 hours
  • Detailed: 32 hours

This is the full list of our auditors available, together with their hourly rates. To get the actual rate, take one of their rates from the table and double it: Zerocracy and the auditor split the fee 50/50. Pick them from the top of the table, the best auditors have the highest reputation score. One hour will cost you approximately $160.

You will have to provide us the access to your source code, requirements documentation, continuous integration environment, production logs, test environment, database schema (and data, if possible), and any other digital artifact, which seems to be relevant.

The auditor won’t talk to your programmers. The auditor only reviews the artifacts available, pretending to be a new developer joining the team and trying to understand what’s going on.

By the end of the audit, you will get a PDF report with a short summary of what is the overall situation in the product and a list of most critical issues. Each issue will be accompanied with recommendations for corrective and/or preventive actions.

If necessary, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you, to protect your digital artifacts and sensitive information against any possible leakage.

You can pay by wire, PayPal, Bitcoin, or VISA/MasterCard. You pay 50% upfront and the rest when the report is ready.

To start, email us.