Five Steps To Microtasking

Every day we meet many CTOs, architects, developers and startup founders, who like the management model of Zerocracy, which is based on microtasking. They understand that paying by result is a much more effective way of managing human resources, comparing to old and traditional monthly salaries. However, they are not ready to jump into it immediately. Indeed, it’s risky. You may lose your entire team, together with the source code it maintains.

You may want to watch this video, which I recorded just recently: Five steps to migrate from traditional management to microtasking. It suggests what exactly a software team has to do in order to be more prepared for microtasking.

We, in Zerocracy, can help you prepare your team. We are offering a consulting package for you, to help you streamline the transition from an old-fashioned full-time office slavery to a much more flexible and cost-effective model of microtasking and freelancing.

Each month we will be spending one day with your team, analyzing their working process and creating a list of recommendations for improvements. Our CEO, Yegor Bugayenko, will lead the process, and a few our best programmers will help him analyze the code your guys are working with. We will do it all remotely.

Then, your developers will implement these improvements and we will come back in a month with the next round of the audit. There are eight months in the standard package, but you may have fewer or more, depending on the performance of your team and their desire to learn and improve.

The cost of one full-day consulting session is $2,400.

Order now, we are not fully booked yet!