What Is Zerocracy?

Despite all our efforts, most software projects suffer from:

  • High labor costs
  • Personnel turnover
  • Low maintainability
  • Low quality of code and product

We believe that most of the above is caused by broken management, not technical incompetence. To solve this, we recommend replacing empowering a human project manager with Zerocrat, a hosted chat bot. To make a project manageable by a computer we use a strict Policy which derives the following principles from the eXtremely Distributed Software Development methodology:

We realize that our approach is very different from all other traditional methods of management. In our experience our way of managing projects gives a lot of benefits to all stakeholders:

  • Programmers are more motivated
  • Costs are lower
  • Quality is higher
  • Maintainability is higher and turnover doesn’t hurt us

To try it out, submit an RfP and one of our architects will get in touch with you.